Amgen Renewables- Eco Logs

Eco Logs / Briquettes: the perfect hassle free fuel for your wood burner.

Clean, sustainable and user friendly

What are they?

Eco Logs are manufactured by compressing waste hard wood sawdust at high temperatures to form a dense log. They are ideal for wood burners, boilers and biomass electric plants. The logs are made from 100% hardwood and have low moisture and ash content. The compression process requires no glues or additives... only heat. The end result is a clean user friendly fuel that is easy to use, clean to handle with a high heat output (high calorific value).

Easy to Use

Eco Logs are available in 10kg packs making them easy to store and handle. They are ready for immediate use and require no drying, no splitting and create no mess.

Eco Logs FAQ's.

Ideal for a range of uses Key Benefits
Open fires Slow hot burning
Wood  burners Clean handling
Range cookers Easy Storage
Barbeques Higher heat output than logs
Chimineas No additives
Solid fuel burners Cleaner burning (no spitting)

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