09/10/14 Biomass Boiler Servicing and Maintenance By Amgen Renewables Wales

Biomass boilers are specialist pieces of equipment which need to be serviced by specialist engineers to ensure prolonged economic life and efficiency. Amgen Renewables can service all types, makes and models of biomass boilers including; pellet biomass boilers, wood chip biomass boilers and log gasification biomass boilers.

We are able to service boilers installed by Amgen Renewables as well as boilers installed by other companies. All of Amgen Renewables'  service and commissioning engineers  offer the highest level of experience and are fully trained on wood pellet, wood chip and log boiler biomass installations. 

Summer service 
A visit during the summer/ autumn period when the boiler will need to be switched off 24 hours prior to the visit. Work includes: 

  • Internals within the heat exchanger are thoroughly inspected and cleaned. All airway ports, primary and secondary are cleared of carbon build up.
  • Boiler and bunker feed screws are examined and cleaned where necessary.
  • Geared motor units, seals and bearings checked and greased where necessary.
  • Inspection of anti-burn back protection/safety equipment.
  • Inspection of automatic ignition system.
  • Electrical inspection of boiler connections and control panel.

Upon completion a service report will be issued and notification of any remedial work required. 

Winter service 
A visit during the winter period, carried out whilst the boiler is operating. Work includes: 

  • General inspection of the boiler
  • General inspection of associated feeding equipment
  • A flue gas analysis to report on the efficiency of the boiler during working conditions.

Upon completion a service report will be issued with data attached and notification of any remedial work required. 

Call outs 
Breakdowns can usually be attended by our experienced diagnostic engineers within 48 hours. Priority call outs are usually attended within 24 hours. All workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months. 

Get you biomass boiler serviced now before the winter sets in. Servicing all of the SA postcode area including South and Mid Wales, Carmarthenshire, Swansea, Llanelli, Dyfed, Glamorgan, Pembrokeshire and surrounding areas.

Contact us today on 01269 846939 to arrange for your biomass boiler to be serviced by one of our experienced biomass engineers. Email your query to info@amgenrenewables.com

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