Solar Energy

The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the Earth. If all of this energy could be harnessed, the amount of solar radiation that reaches the globe every half hour would be enough to meet worldwide energy consumption requirements for an entire year. In practical terms it is impossible to harness all of the suns energy, however with the right technology, such as solar PV panels (to generate electricity) or evacuated solar tubes for hot water, we can harness enough of this energy to supplement our energy requirements, reduce our energy bills, generate a generous income and help the environment.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

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Use the sun to generate your own electricity and protect yourself against future price increases.

Let us install a solar system that has been designed to suit your needs. Fully installed comissioned and eligible the Feed-in-Tariffs Clean Energy Cashback Scheme.

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Solar Hot Water - Evacuated Solar Tubes

iStock_000002336135XSmall.jpgHarness the suns energy using efficient evacuated solar thermal tubes for steamy hot water. Complete systems designed, installed and integrated with your existing boiler. Key components include evacuated tube collectors, high grade stainless steel hot water storage tanks, expansion vessels, circulating pumps, gauges, sensors and all ancillary equipment.

Solar Thermal Evacuated Thermal Tubes- FAQ's

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