Amgen Renewables - Technical Support Documents

The team of specialists at Amgen Renewables have extensive experience and knowledge of renewable technologies and as a result have written a series of technical support documents available for you to download. We pride ourselves in being able to provide detailed,  factual and unbiased information on a range of renewable technologies that is technical in nature yet easy to understand.
Please feel free to contact us ( if you require further information or have a query that has not been addressed by our supporting literature.
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Solar Photovoltaic

S1-  How much electricity can be generated by a solar PV panel within  the UK

S2- Grants and incentives availbale for solar installations within the UK

S3- Solar crystal technology- mono and poly crystalline cells explained

S4- The importance of blocking and bypass diodes in solar PV systems

S5- Amgen Renewables Solar PV Warranty and Guarentee

S6- Solar Panels- green, clean and affordable !

S7- Solar photovoltaic panels- the principles behind how they work

S8- Setting up a solar array

S9- Battery banks- how to determine their available energy

Manufacturers Product Literature- Solar


Solar Thermal - Hot water

ST1- Generating domestic hot water from solar thermal tubes

ST2- How much hot water can be generated from solar thermal tubes

ST3- How solar thermal tubes work


Heat Pumps

HP1- Heat Pumps - how do they work and how do they differ? 

HP2- Ground collectors- horizontal and bore holes

HP3- Heat pump running cost comparison with gas, electric, LPG and heating oil and typical payback periods

HP4- How much does it cost to heat a swimming pool?


Wood Burners

WB1- What size wood burner is right for you?

WB2- Wood is the best fuel for my wood burner?

WB3- Air wash feature explained



T1- What are the differences between vertical and horizontal axis wind turbines?

T2- How to determine the correct size wind turbine

T3- Water powered turbines explained 



BF1- How to convert oil into a usable diesel alternative


Grants and Financial Support

GF1- Grants available for purchasing renewable technology

GF2- Feed-in-tarrif incentive for micro-generation schemes

GF3- Interest free loans for businesses



M1- Why renewable enery is so important

M2- The impact of climate change